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Cultivating the Seeds of Intrinsic Wisdom and Compassion

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

It can be challenging to access, utilize and appreciate our Inner Wisdom, Emotional Intelligence and Intrinsic goodness as profound embodied resources that guide, empower, and strengthen who we are at our deepest level when we live in a constant environment of emotional struggle, negativity, and stress. This environment leads to dis-ease of our body- mind and spirit. All of which can create a life of inner frustration, hopelessness and anxiety.

How do we find our way back to the true essence of who we are? Where do we begin?

First we need to pause and listen, really listen, with gentle awareness, openness, and empathetic presence to those places within us that are hurting, feel abandoned, disconnected and criticized. From this environment we can safely navigate our inner personal landscape beyond bias and judgement. Through cultivating tenderness and appreciation for all of who we are, as we are, the mirror of wisdom can reflect our true nature of goodness and wholeness. From this context greater emotional freedom, unconditional confidence, and deeper insight can arise. We can live our life with greater agency, true contentment and real joy.

In the Embodied Wisdom Courses you will receive the tools:

- to bring Inner Relationship Focusing and Mindfulness Meditation to illuminate and transform your everyday life for renewed meaning with every aspect of your life.

-to recognize that your toughest moments and biggest emotional challenges can be your greatest opportunities and guides for living a fuller, wiser and richer life.

-to bring unconditional acceptance to who you are , as you are, beyond the inner critic and defense mechanisms that we all carry that keep us contracted, isolated and living in a rollercoaster of doubt, hope and fear.

-to acknowledge and cultivate the capacity to tap into your greatest inherent resources to sense what wishes to freshly emerge now to live life your life with new meaning, passion and ease.

Warmly, Rose

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